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In the past ten years, antimicrobial use has decreased in Danish pigs, increased in calves

In 2019, Danish pig producers reached the target for reduction of antimicrobial usage set by the MRSA action plan. In contrast, antimicrobial use in calves has increased considerably over the last ten years. These are some of the findings in this year's DANMAP report from Statens Serum Institut and the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark.
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The usage of antibiotics for humans keeps decreasing in Denmark

For the sixth year running, the consumption of antibiotics in Denmark has decreased. That is clear from the DANMAP report’s presentation of the antibiotic consumption in 2019.

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Increased monitoring of multiresistant CPO-bacteria in Denmark

In 2019, the Danish Health Authority added multiresistant carbapenemase-producing bacteria (also called CPO) to their list of notifiable bacteria. While CPO in humans is increasing, carbapenem resistance has never been detected in animals and food in the national antimicrobial surveillance programme, DANMAP.

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13 JUNE 2021